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Photography Studio 4-Light Kit


Brand Oberlo

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Lightweight and functional, this is a professional photo studio photography kit.


Containing two 83cm black photo umbrella and one 83cm white transparent photo umbrella, the kit provides a professional environment for shooting. The backdrop is made of washable and dried faster marterial which is easy to be folded and carried around. What&rsquo s more, it has four compact light stand, with four backdrop screen (green white black), four e27 bulb socket and the bulbs.


The studio photography kit with aluminum solid 3 legs stages is designed to offer a reliable use in the long term.


  • Brand new and high quality
  • 100% a grade premium quality cotton
  • Easy to fold, washable and dried faster
  • Aluminum solid safety 3 legs stages
  • Light weight: Easy to move
  • Energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb
  • Backdrop stand size: 80 * 118 inch&nbsp
  • Stand pipe size: 22mm * 0.55mm - 19mm * 0.85mm - 16mm * 0.85mm
  • Cross bar size: 22mm * 0.9mm
  • Backdrop screen: 3m x 1.6m
  • 83cm black silver photo umbrella
  • White transparent photo umbrella
  • E27 bulb socket
  • Photography muslin backdrop clamps
  • Oxford bags
  • Package including:&nbsp
  • 1 x Background support stand 2 x 3m
  • 2 x 83cm Black silver photo umbrella
  • 1 x 83cm White transparent photo umbrella
  • 2 x Soft lighting boxes
  • 4 x 2m Compact light stand
  • 3 x Backdrop screen (green white black)
  • 2 x E27 bulb socket
  • 2 x Backdrop holder
  • 3 x Photography muslin backdrop clamps
  • 4 x 45W High fluorescent lamp
  • 2 x Oxford bags


The kit comes with 4 compact stands and 4 45W bulbs.(One bulb is spare. )

The other two bulbs of the soft lighting are installed inside the soft lighting boxes.