Dual Solutions 2 Piece Universal Pro Chest Harness


Dual Solutions 2 Piece Universal Pro Chest Harness For Easy Tote Of Multiple Cameras and Accessories

Take this 2 Piece Chest Harness if you need to make your outdoor venture a more exciting and memorable one!

It is made especially for the outdoor enthusiasts who involve in exciting actions; no matter if it is out in the woods, on top of a mountain, by a river or in a desert, this two-piece chest harness will be the right kind of product for you. It is a highly versatile design that is compatible with many straps. As a measure to add more strength, comfort and breathability, this hardness set is manufactured with superb quality nylon and mesh material. You will feel this chest harness very comfortable on your body because of this exceptional breathability and its lightweight characteristic. Thanks to the multi-loop shackle, the strap can be adjusted to the optimum comfort of the user.

As one of the most versatile camera vests in the market, this is something you must have when you go outdoors or indoors with the intention of bringing back some everlasting memories. It is a wonderful option for those who need to eliminate annoying stress, neck strain and fatigue that takes place during photo-shoots that lasts hours. Be it an outdoor or an indoor event, this special chest harness will be your reliable assistant. The sturdy design of the harness ensures that it holds two cameras without any problem and make them available. This special harness ensures that you move freely while carrying the cameras with you.

  • Allows to carry 2 Cameras and switch between them rapidly
  • Made of professional nylon and mesh fabric, which the wall is fit and contain flexibility and strong permeability. The elastic cloth reduces pressure to maximum degree with thick strap that's comfortable and durable.
    • 1 x Multi Camera Carrying Photographer Vest 
    • 1 x Mesh Portable Bag
    • 2 x 1/4" Screw Adapter