Founder's Pledge

Welcome to our store. I hope you feel warm and wanted.
I take great pride in the quality of every single item sold here. We cataloged our store based on three core tenets:
High-Quality Products
Trustworthy Supplier-Partners
Cameras, Equipment, and Accessories that Help You Take Better Photos
We know you are eager to fold our products into your arsenal. We believe in delivering your goods swiftly and transparently. That’s why I’ve made a commitment to offer real-time tracking whenever possible. This accounts for over 90% of our products. In the off-chance our supplier is not able to real-time-track, do not hesitate to touch base with us at I believe open communication is at the core of Go Camera Geek.
We are a start-up, family-owned and -operated shop. Competing with mega-retailers is a race to the bottom. I believe our customers are a community, and providing our community top-notch-service is our highest priority.
We strive to set high expectations and then exceed them! Our life’s work is to make sure you are fully satisfied with your every order. We may not be able to employ robots and drones to ship as fast as the big guys; and we can’t undercut our community with supplier bulk-buys that dilute the market with subpar product at dirt-cheap prices. But one thing you will know for sure... I--we--truly, truly appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to give you our care.
Thank you!