Contests is REALLY upping the ante this time in celebration of our new staff members and the latest photography resources we are adding on site at Our latest Photo Contest has us giving away a LUXURY QUALITY, Premium Stitched Waterproof & Shockproof Protective Backpack/Carrying Case for your camera and all it's equipment. This baby retails regularly above $100 and is a BEAUTY. Post your BEST and most creative photos on Instagram, and tag them with #GoCameraGeekContest on a post with no more then THREE #hashtags used. The team @GoCameraGeek will handle the judging and first place will be awarded their AWESOME Prize in June.

The contest starts NOW and ends June 15th at 8pm. Enter as often as you like. We're looking forward to seeing ALL of your amazing photos. And you can check out all the photos submitted by taking a glance at the bottom of this page.

Our TOP selling: Premium Stitched Water, Shock and Mistake Proof Durability Tested Camera Protection Backpack With External Mesh and Internal Dividers

And ALL you have to do to enter is post on instagram using the hashtag #GoCameraGeekContest.

There are a couple rules: 

1) The hashtag must be one of the first 3 used and there CANNOT be anymore then 3 hashtags used. We don't want you spamming your followers with hashtags, it's a little annoying, and obviously we want the contest's # to stand out (it's a promotion, duh!) 

2) The photo submitted should be original, but if it's not, you must give credit to it's source.

3) Have fun with your camera, be free. You know what we say often at Go Camera Geek ... Capture Life, Create Art.

The winner will be selected based on the emotion struck & overall beauty. Amount of likes & comments may be noticed but winners will not be chosen based off of these elements, they are to easy to fake and we don't want a robot winning the contest. We are picking our favorite photos using the hashtag #GoCameraGeekContest within the requirements of our rules, period. In the past, we have also rewarded runners up.

All photos submitted using the hashtag #GocameraGeekContest will display below.