You shouldn’t give up the bounce card for flash

Several years ago, photographers believed that they should give up using the bounce card if they are to use the flash. Also, some photographers stopped using flash modifiers when they use a wide angle diffuser. However, the truth is that you can combine this equipment to control flash output better and expect a better output from your work.

For instance, you can use a wide angle diffuser to spread light on a large surface area. Such approach might make the light look really soft.

When it comes to the little bounce card, it is a really handy tool that can direct a certain amount of light towards the exact area you need. When compared to the effect of the little bounce card, flash’s effect is too powerful. When the flash is reflected using a bounce card, the shadows it creates can enhance the overall quality of the image.

Likewise, you can use your creativity and experience to make the best use of these tools. Therefore, we suggest you not to give up using one tool over another.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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