When to get rid of your camera's lens hood

Any photographer considers a lens hood to be a really handy value addition. By having a lens hood, you can protect the front of your lens too. However, when it comes to macro shooting (when shooting with a macro lens), it is better to get rid of your lens hood. In other words, when you are shooting super closely to an object, the lens hood won’t do any better.

Although this will sound like a no-brainer, a surprising number of photographers neglect this aspect. When you are trying to capture something at a really close range, you will need all the possible light on the subject. When you move the camera really closer to the subject, the lens hood will become a burden. Such burden can necessarily prevent from getting the perfect output of macro photography.

However, if you expect to do perfect macro photography and get the finest details of the smallest objects, you will need a typical studio setup. You should be equipped with tools such as reflectors, strobes, a tripod and anything else that would help. But please remember that you remove the lens hood.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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