Using a flash as a replacement to sunlight

When it comes to portraiture, you will have to consider three types of light; main light, hair light and a fill light. However, when it comes to shooting outdoors where natural light is present, you will have to rely on the sunlight as the main light. Here’s how to shoot outdoors and still gain better control by replacing the sunlight with a flash.

When you shoot outdoors, make sure that you do it under a shade. Such approach would give you a better control and even light without weird shadows on the face of the portrait’s subject. To make it appear more natural, you can use a flash from a side of the subject and mimic the sunlight – that’s it! All you have to do is to place the flash with a wide angle diffuser. If not, you can consider using a beauty dish or a rectangular softbox.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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