Shooting a night-like shot in the daylight is an easy feat
If you are a novice photographer who wonders how to shoot a nice night-like shot during the day time, here’s how to do it. You should remember that this can be achieved using a tricky white balance effect. Assume that you need to capture something during the day or at the dusk and you still need the shot to appear a night-like one.

First, set your white balance into Tungsten White balance and lock it. But, what should you do if your camera doesn’t have Tungsten White balance? In that case, you will have to set the kelvin temperature of the camera into the value of 3200K. When you shoot using the tungsten light during day light, you can expect a cooler effect on the image. However, you can increase this effect further simply by using an ND filter. Such filter can make it more night-like image.
May 04, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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