Reducing the puffiness of a subject’s cheeks EASILY

Some people are worried about the natural puffiness appears in their portraits. As a photographer, you may have to face this issue many times. For some portraits, using an 85mm lens would do the trick; 85mm lens is capable of compressing the whole scene in general. However, this may not work all the time. Instead, you can try the simple methods mentioned below.

As a general trick, you may ask the subject to stick the chin out a little. In most of the cases, it works. However, you can make it more effective using some simple tweaks as mentioned below.
Just ask the subject to open the mouth and drop the jaw. This step will reduce the puffiness on the cheeks.
Ask the subject to smile with the opened mouth and the dropped jaw
As the last step, you should ask the subject to close the mouth. However, the subject must leave a space between the teeth rows (front).

When the above steps are combined with a slightly stuck out chin, the portrait might appear really attractive.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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