Photography / Life Tip: Print the photos you treasure most

As a good photographer, you may take an uncountable number of photos during your career. However, even a professional photographer will have some special photographs that are remembered for a lifetime. If you have such memorable, loveable photographs, don’t be hesitant to print them.

As of today, it is a common practice to take photos and upload them to a social media or another online storage. Also, some people just keep a digital copy in a storage device. However, the truth is that these photos will be forgotten after some time. If you need to keep those memories last really long, however, you will have to print them. If you print and hang the photos you love, you have a greater chance of seeing them on regular basis. Such approach helps you refresh the good old memories.

It is true that the printed photos don’t lost forever. So, it is advised that you keep both digital and physical photos.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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