Photographing a person dressed in costume and the easy rules of it

When you photograph people who are in costumes, you shouldn’t consider standard portraiture as an option. People in costumes appear much lively and exciting in photographs if you capture them as if they are in the action. That means you have to photograph them while they are engaged in the respective event. A good photographer can make the respective character stands out from the background. In fact, the posing and the scenery play a vital role when you photograph a person in costume.

To accomplish this, you should photograph the person in a neutral background. A neutral background ensures that the subject (the person and the costume) stands out perfectly grabbing the attention from the viewer. When it comes to lighting, you should provide an even lighting on the subject. Don’t worry if you have a flash; try to use an ambient light that already exists in the scene (for instance, a ceiling light or a street lamp).

More importantly, you have to ask the subject to pose to match the costume he or she wears. Such approach would help to bring more life to the photograph you take. To accomplish this successfully, you will have to communicate perfectly with the subject.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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