Making a person’s midsection appear more appealing in portraits

There is no shortage of people who worry about the way they appear in portraits. These people want their midsections to appear slimmer and flatter. Many novice photographers believe that they need to use Photoshop to address such situation. However, the truth is that you can do it in the camera itself without using any image processing software. Here’s how to do it.

You should ask the subject to face towards a side
Stretch the clothing towards the back and let it appear as a form fitting clothing
Ask the subject to straighten up his or her back. However, ask them not to suck their gut
And, you should ask the subject to lean back slightly and pull the stomach slightly
After that, you should ask the subject to turn the shoulder (which is to your side) toward the back a little

This position will flatten the midsection of the subject. The outcome of this posture will be really impressive in terms of a nice portrait.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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