Identifying shadows and light correctly

One of the most important things associated with photography is identifying light and shadows. If you need to create the perfect exposure on a respective photo, you will have to see the light correctly and judge it to the perfection. In general, black and white photographs will appear perfectly with the right kind of exposure.

As a start, if you are a novice photographer, you can try to train your eyes to the shadows and light with black and white photography (at the beginning, however, color photographs will be too complicated for an untrained eye) .You may take multiple photographs under different environments to see how the lights and shades add details to the image. When you see a couple of images with different light and shade levels, your eye will begin to identify the differences. Later on, as your eyes are trained enough, you may start to judge the lines, lights, shadows separately even in the color photographs.
Give it a shot.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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