How to portrait photograph outside in the wind when the subject has long hair.
One of the common problems photographers face when shooting portraits outdoors is the effect of the wind. Particularly, when it comes to capturing a portrait of a woman with longer, untied, free-flowing hair, things can be really difficult. When the wind starts to blow, the hair will start to flow around and cover the face in most of the cases. Well, here’s how to deal with such issue.

In fact, you can address this issue with a simple yet really smart trick. A surprising number of photographers ignore this trick; all you have to do is to pull the subject’s hair to a side. Of course, you cannot reduce the effect of the wind by using such issue; however, blown out hair on a single side is easier to address as opposed to both the sides. You can lessen the mess simply by determining the direction of the wind and place the hair accordingly.

The bottom line is that it is easier to rectify a portion of hair (during the post-production) instead of editing the entire hair.
May 02, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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