How to make the best out of a negative
Although it is really easy to scan a negative, it doesn’t give you the best output. If you expect the best output, however, you must print the picture from the negative directly inside the darkroom. Here’s the technical explanation for this. Most of the basic type scanners we see today take pictures of the negatives instead of really scanning it. However, there are some advance scanners that can do relatively better job and provide you with better end result. In other words, when you edit an image that is produced through a scanned negative, you actually edit a digital image. The quality of the image is significantly less compared to darkroom processed photographs. Particularly, when it comes to HDR photos, this result will be significantly less effective. If you expect to get the best image quality from a film photo, you must print it in the darkroom. The hardcopy gives you the best result and it is incomparable. After getting the image into a paper, you can consider burning and cloning the required image.
May 04, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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