How to capture deep set eyes correctly the first time, everytime
Every human being is unique. Every individual is different from another in many ways. Particularly, when it comes to the outer appearance, we possess really unique appearances and features. In the context of photography, however, it can be pretty difficult to capture a portrait of a person who has deep set eyes. When capturing deep set eyes, you should consider about light pretty seriously. The light comes from the top would be covered by their forehead and you should address this issue with a good sense. Here’s how to solve this problem and capture a nice portrait.
Ask the subject to raise the chins slightly
Make your subject to look directly at the source of the light
Make sure that you direct the source of light straight towards the face of the subject (with diffused effect)

More importantly, you may use a good flash diffuser kit to provide a soft, diffused source of light towards the subject.
May 04, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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