Giving a JPEG-like appearance to RAW photos
JPEG images appear way better than RAW images in general. Even after the basic adjustments you do using image processing software, RAW images will not give you the optimal quality you expect. However, you shouldn’t stop shooting in RAW and switch to shooting in JPEG. Instead, you can follow a simple guideline to make the RAW images look as good as JPEGs.

By using sophisticated software tool like Adobe Lightroom you can rectify this issue. Simply go to the Camera Calibration which is located in the Develop panel. Then, go to the Profile. You will end up in camera profiles. For instance, you can select Fujifilm Velvia profile for your images.

After the selection of the profile, you will have to do a couple of more tweaks; sharpening the image, reducing noise, increasing clarity and increasing contrast a bit are some of such tweaks.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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