Getting an attractive blade runner effect in photos
Most of the photographers (particularly the novice photographers) are curious about applying an effect nicknamed “blade runner” in what they capture. Surprisingly, majority of these photographers believe that it is really difficult to put such effect into action. However, the truth is that you can accomplish this “blade runner” effect straightforwardly using the camera itself. In fact, you don’t need to engage in time consuming post-production work to get this effect on your photograph.

You can accomplish a beautiful blade runner effect using white balance combined with smart utilization of lights around. In fact, there are two strategies to get this done easily. If you expect a blade runner effect through your digital camera, you can configure the temperature settings. Adjust the kelvin temperature to a value of 3200K. With such temperature value, you will be able to achieve the effect of a tungsten film; this is the effect that can give a bluish appearance to the photograph when it is taken during daylight atmosphere.

If not, the easiest alternative is to equip the camera using a tungsten high-speed color film and start capturing straightaway. Moreover, if the light conditions are pretty bad, you will have to set the ISO levels to a value of 800.
May 02, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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