Easy way to GREAT black and white photos with simple Adobe Lightroom edit

Most of the photographers (who are professionals) know how to create black and white images using Adobe Lightroom. They generally use the option called Black and White Treatment. However, in certain case, this option fails to output pure black and white photographs. Alternatively, it processes images with other color tones such as sepia. In that case, the end result will not be able to meet your expectation.

However, there is a way to create black and white images that has the professional appearance instead of the odd sepia look. Here’s how to do it.
Go to the basic adjustment panel and change the black levels to a specific number. After that, you may change the exposure level of the image to the desired amount.
You should adjust the blacks and whites to exact opposite values. For instance, if you set the blacks value to -40, the whites’ value should be +40.
Go to the color channels to locate the Black and White. Mix it with specific colors and channels to get an appealing look.
Go to the color selection tool. Then, in the image, locate the areas that have odd shades (which aren’t black or white). You may carefully adjust the contrast and exposure of those areas until you turn the image into a black and white one.

And, it is that simple!
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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