DON'T DO IT! Avoid using a rangefinder to capture landscapes.
Most of the novice photographers consider Rangefinder cameras to be a really easy option when capturing a landscape. But, is that really easier as they believe? Professional photographers have a different opinion; avoid rangefinder if you want to get a good landscape capture easily. Although the errors in the landscapes captured by rangefinders can be corrected using some image processing skills, why don’t you try to do it the correct way instead? With the assistance of a reliable tripod, graduated NDs and ND filters, you will be able to get the landscapes captured correctly. 

When you are using a rangefinder camera, you will not be able to determine what exactly takes place through the lens. However, you will be able to rectify this issue effectively if you use a camera with an EVF. Although this doesn’t get you a perfect landscape shot, with the assistance of a graduated ND filter, you will be able to rectify the issue at least to an acceptable level.

Nevertheless, it is always better to go for a good SLR camera or a mirrorless camera that would come with an EVF. The bottom-line; even with a range finder, you may be able to capture a really good landscape. However, the effort you will have to put is significantly harder compared to mirrorless SLR cameras.
May 02, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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