Capturing fireworks and their colors with your camera in ALL of their majestic glory

If you are expecting to capture stunning photographs of fireworks, you shouldn’t necessarily hand hold the camera. Instead of hand holding the camera, use a tripod. Place this tripod solidly and have the camera pointed toward the sky. Then, you have to stop the aperture down and configure the shutter speed to be slower than usual. A slow shutter speed will capture the tails of the fireworks giving them an elegant look. When it comes to the lens of the camera, you have to select it depending on your location. You will have to rely on a telephoto lens if you are based on an even ground. However, if you are located on an elevated place (such as a rooftop), you will have to rely on a wide lens.

Now you are well set to capture the beautiful fireworks with their glowing tails in a stunning manner.
May 08, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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