Are you sure that you know how to shoot correctly using a LCD screen ?
A significant number of camera users do it in the wrong way when shooting with LCD screens. No matter whether you have a camera with an LCD screen or a smartphone, you should keep your elbows really closer to the body. With such approach, you will be able to find more stability when shooting and focusing on an object.

When you extend your arms to the maximum possible length and hold an object, you are likely to experience significantly less stability. This is the case when it comes to holding a camera too. Therefore, you must place your elbows closer to the body as much as possible and hold the camera device firmly if you need to get a well stabilized shot. The closer the elbows to your body, the more stable the shot will be. However, if you are using a good phone stabilizer stick, things can be really easier for you when it comes to photographing with a smartphone.
May 02, 2018 — Bryan Dunn

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