A photographers guide to rectifying excessively orange skin

If you shoot a portrait during the golden hour (shortly after sunlight), the chances of rendering an orange color skin are more. However, you shouldn’t worry about excessively orange skin as you can get rid of it pretty easily.

You can get rid of this issue straightforwardly if you manually white balance the image. However, manual white balancing can become somewhat difficult when you don’t have enough time. This is exactly why we should work with skin tones using image processing software like Adobe Lightroom.

The main area you should work on in order to rectify orange skin is color channels. First, you should do some adjustments in luminance values and increase the brightness of the orange color channel. Then, you will have to desaturate the skin to make it look natural.

If you don’t get satisfying results with the above method, you will have to rely on the adjustment brush to touch the areas.
May 23, 2018 — Bryan Dunn



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